Back Again

August 20, 2014 (Updated 8/24/14)


I have been working hard and traveling to Austin, TX and Seoul, South Korea. That took lots of time along with the special projects here at work.

Well I’m back and working on yet another version of my robot.

I was not happy with the base of my previous version.  Due to the steel  I used in construction it was too heavy (26+ lbs), hard to work with, cut and drill, and it was magnetic. Being magnetic means that it work cause my magnetometer (used for  direction sensing) to not work.

The new base will be aluminum. It will have an outer frame of 1″ square tubing. The deck will be 1/16 aluminum sheet I got from Surplus Gizmos. It is a lot lighter and easier to work with.

I am still trying to figure out how to mount the electronics and build the superstructure (I.E. Body). I hope to have the motor mounted and the base electronics in by the end of the weekend. I will post pictures then.

Apdate:Here are the pictures of the new base with the motors mounted. Also I have added ServoCity to the list of link. I was showing the parts I use from them to a co-worker on Saturday and realized ServoCity was not included. OOPS. Since I use their Actobotics Logo - page parts and they really deserve a mention.


The frame is 1″ x 1″ Aluminum tubing. The deck is 5/64″ sheet. Size is 24″ x 24″

Top view of the lower base.

Top view of the lower base.

Bottom view of the lower base

Bottom view of the lower base


Motor Mounts

Motor Mounts


Close-up of motor mount - I used Actobotics clamp style swivel motor mounts.

Close-up of motor mount – I used Actobotics clamp style swivel motor mounts.






More pictures

December 10, 2013

Hi again.

Last night I took some more pictures of the assembled base. I also weighed the base. It came out to 26+ pounds! That’s what 1/8″ steel will do for you! Now on to the pictures –

Views from the front, back and one side.

IMG_20131209_213757_146 IMG_20131209_213718_642 IMG_20131209_213907_580

Side close up.



The back now has a power switch. Also the power bus connectors I got from Adafruit. They make one convenient place to hook the master 12V and Ground.

IMG_20131209_213731_697 IMG_20131209_213739_410

In the front there is a 5″ wide electronics shelf. It contains the Motor Processor (UNO), DRI0018 Motor Driver board, and a 5V power supply. The motor controller will communicate by I2C to whatever Brain is mounted to the upper. The upper portion is designed(?) to be interchangeable. I can put a Telepresence top on, a Manipulator arm, or a Machine gun :-). It is limited only by imagination. Currently I have a Bluetooth module on the motor controller to send commands to for testing.

IMG_20131209_213809_576 IMG_20131209_213835_875 IMG_20131209_213844_013

Well that is all for this year. I will be traveling and visiting the Colorado homestead for all od December.


Happy Holidays

and see you next year!


Back from traveI and MKIII is coming along

December 8, 2013

Hi again.

I have been traveling for the last month  so things we pretty much on hold.

However I got lucky and got some surplus 14″x15″ steel prototype plates.  These suckers are 1/8″ thick. This makes for a good base and frame.  All the holes are tapped for #6-32 screws which makes life nice. They came with additional pieces that I will use to tie two plates together.  There will be an upper and lower plate tied together. This idea is that this will be a self contained base that I can build whatever upper part I feel like and interchange uppers.

This shows the wheel mounted on the plate.  I mounted the wheels inside the the edges for a cleaner look. I had to cut openings for the wheels. In 1/8″ steel it was no easy job.  All the other holes were already in the plate.



(Those in the know may recognize these as VV bases. The were being thrown out so I got a couple.)

Here are the motors mounted on the plate. Notice the screws for belt tension on the outboard side. This may be modified later, but for now it seems to work.



I did a lot of work on Sunday mounting the electronics and power distribution. However I forgot to take pictures. I will take them tonight and post tomorrow.