Halloween Dress Up

October 30-31, 2013

Lots of work on my ‘Bot.

I have re-built the chassie and drive system.  I will also use Bluetooth for the control link. This all will be documented after my trip next week.

However, with Halloween just around the corner, I have added a skin that is a KillBot. If I get things done fast enough –  the head will slowly open, they will take their candy, and the jaws will then slam shut. If I can’t get it done in time, I will just prop the head open.That thing on top is a LED strobe that also plays scary noises. It’s motion/sound activated.

Here are some pictures:

1379243_729049143790948_359187868_n 602104_729049383790924_856426852_n 1378404_729049060457623_104182701_n  1384194_729049350457594_1468407785_n - Copy603043_729049403790922_1118141888_n

Also a look at some of the internals.

I changed my motor drive system/wheels to use  electric scooter wheels. They are from a Razor 200ES from http://www.electricscooterparts.com. Each one includes a drive cog for a belt built in. It also included a axel and brake which I did not use.  The wheel cog has 72 teeth and the motor cog has 13 teeth. This give a wheel speed of 0.18 of the motor speed. The motor full speed is 600 RPM at 12v. This has proved much more successful.

1380551_729049040457625_1732045886_n 1384194_729049350457594_1468407785_n - Copy

After Halloween I will remove the Skin and Teeth and get back to your regular robot build.

Back from Vacation

October 14, 2013

I just got back from a vacation in Colorado, so not much is new.

Intel has released the Galileo board. This is a board that has an Atom processor and an Arduino Shield connector. It also include USB OTG as well as a PCIE connector.  Plus much more.  This look like a great board for the Brain of my ‘bot. All at a very good price. Here is a link: https://communities.intel.com/community/makers

Back soon with updates, but I will be traveling from Nov 4 to ???? so I don’t know about progress.

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