More stuff arrives

September 20, 2013

Today I received two Tiva Launchpad development boards from Texas Instruments. TI had a $25 sale coupon that I used, so I only spent $0.98 for them.

These are the successor to the Stellaris Launchpad boards that I was going to use. TI revamped the product names and put a more capable chip on the board. This chip now ha s16 channels of REAL PWM control as well as Quadrature Encoder processing hardware. I will upgrade the motor controller board to this even though an Arm Cortex M4 is really overkill. It has 256Kb Flash, 32k Static ram, 2k EEPROM, 16 PWM outputs and runs at 80Mhz!

I also found really interesting link to a supplier:  has a lot of really interesting and sometimes hard to find stuff. It looks like I will get my motor drive sprockets and chain there.

Let us not forget the Mad Scientist Hut in Lyons, Colorado. Good stuff here. I especially like the Magnetic Rotation Encoder, no optical involved. I hope they are OK with the flooding.


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