A New Beginning

September 16, 2013

I have moved my web page/blog over to WordPress. The previous link will still work.

I have spent lots of time working on my Bot. He/she now has a partial body and made his first test runs across the floor.

However I have found out a few things that have caused me to stop work and do a major rebuild of the drive system.

This weekend I was a volunteer at Portland, Oregon Mini-Maker Fair. I had a change to observe several robots such as Asto-Mechs (R2-D2 type), Lego, Combat Bots and Loki.

I have a long talk with David Shinsel creator of Loki. (See: http://www.dshinsel.com/). Dave and I actually work at the same Intel site and it turned out that our thought processes in a bot are the same. What I was doing was almost exactly what Dave had done with Loki. I just am using more local controllers.

One thing I saw was that no one was using direct drive of the locomotion motors. Since I have been having headaches with my system I have decided to rebuild the base.

The base will now be a framework instead of a solid pan. Each motor will drive and axle via a toothed timing belt. This will isolate the motors and wheels from any vibration an jerking. It also will allow flexibility in mounting the motors.

I probably will have a prototype by the end of the month. First I have to get the parts!

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