Rebuild #1

August 21, 2013 
Hi, I’m back after a business trip. No pictures today.

I rebuilt the main structure using 3/8″ & 1/4″ 36 inch threaded rods. There are two 3/8 rods by each motor and two 1/4 in the front and back as well as one in the center. The 3/8 will support the shoulder/arms when I get around to adding them. I used three pizza pans on the body spaced out for holding equipment. I have two more as spares if I need to add more.

The body covering is a piece of 36×48″ sheet metal from Home Depot. This is used for duct work. It will be wrapped around and secured with sheet metal screws.

I worked on the head, but the body filler is not holding. On the weekend I will fiberglass the whole head. I stuck on 2 googly eyes from Michaels (40mm) just for fun.


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